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Voting on Election Day

Where to Vote

Polling place locations are printed in some newspapers during the three weeks before election day. You may also call your county auditor's office to ask where you should go to vote.

Federal law required polling places to be accessible to elderly and physically challenged voters unless the county auditor has applied for and received an exemption. Although a polling place may not be designated as accessible, it may actually be accessible to most voters. To find out whether your polling place is accessible to you, contact your county auditor.

You must vote in the precinct where you live. A list of precinct polling places and a sample ballot are printed in local newspapers before each election. You can call your county auditor to find out when the list of precinct polling places and sample ballots will be printed. Your county auditor can tell you where you go to vote.

Voting With Help

If you need help making your ballot because of a disability, any person you choose may help you, except your employer or your employer's agent or an officer or agent of your union. If you want help from the precinct workers, one person from each political party will help you. You will need to sign a form showing you requested help.