For more information, contact: Iowa Commission on the Status of Women, Lucas State Office Building, Des Moines 50319; 515/281-4461

Many outstanding women have helped shape Iowa, and many strong female leaders continue to contribute their talents and skills to the state's growth. To recognize and honor these achievers and to provide visible examples for tomorrow's female leaders, the Iowa Commission of the Status of Women established the Women's Hall of Fame in 1975.

Each year the commission solicits nominations of women - living or deceased - who have had an impact on the state and particularly on Iowa women. The four winners are chosen yearly by a five member selection committee of three commission members and two public citizens. Inductees are honored by the governor at a special ceremony in late August.

Members of the Iowa Women's Hall of Fame include:

1998 1997 1996
Bess Streeter Aldrich Charlotte Hughes Bruner Meridel Le Sueur
Janice Ann Beran Margaret "Peg" Mullen Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret
Lynn Germain Cutler Annie Nowlin Savery Janette Stevenson Murray
Maude Ester White Beulah Webb Mary E. Wood
1995 1994 1993
Sue M. Wilson Brown Mildred Wirt Benson Julia Faltinson Anderson
Mary E. Domingues Campos Lois Harper Eichacker Mamie Doud Eisenhower
Gertrude Dieken Gertrude Durden Rush Phebe W. Sudlow
Rowena Edson Stevens Evelyne Jobe Villines Jeen Adeline Morgan Wanatee
1992 1991 1990
Virginia Harper Mabel Lossing Jones Merle Wilna Fleming
Helen Brown Henderson Mary Louisa Putnam Betty Jean Furgerson
Eve Rubenstein Marilyn E. Staples Glenda Gates Riley
Mary Beaumont Welch Lois Hattery Tiffany Mary Jane Coggeshall
1989 1988 1987
Dr. Nancy Hill A. Lillian Edmunds Jolly Ann Horton Davidson
Georgia Anne Rogers Sievers Twila Parka Lummer Gwendolyn Wilson Fowler
Ruth Wildma Svenson Marilyn O. Murphy Lou Henry Hoover
Christine Swanson Wilson Patricia C. Sullivan, R.S.M. Nellie Verne Walker
1986 1985 1984
Marguerite Esters Cothorn Dr. Gladys B. Black Fannie R. Buchanan
Willie Stevenson Glanton Edna M. Friffin Mary Frances Carle, B.V.M.
Jessie M. Parker Anna B. Lawther Mary Louise Petersen
Dorothy Schramm Alice Van Wert Murray Edith Rose Murphy Sackett
1983 1982 1981
Virginia P. Bedaell Peg Stair Anderson Mary Newbury Adams
Evelyn K. Scott Davis Ruth Bluford Anderson Roxanne Barton Conlin
Beverly Beth George Everett Pearl Hogrefe Mary Garst
Helen LeBaron Hilton Jeanne Montgomery Smith Louise Rosenfield Noun
1980 1979 1978
Rosa E. Cunningham Minnette Frerichs Doderer Jacqueline Day
Mary A. Grefe Mabel Lee Dorothy Houghton
Arabella Mansfield Mary Jane Neville Odell Carolyn Pendray
Catherine G. Williams Louise Rosenfeld Ruth Suckow
1977 1976 1975
Jessie Binford Susan Glaspell Amelia Jenks Bloomer
Jessie Field Schambaugh Cora Bussey Hillis Carrie Chapman Catt
Ida B. Wise Smith Agnes Samuelson Ola. B. Miller
Mary Louise Smith Ruth Sayre Annie Wittenmyer