Office of the Speaker -1999 -- Ron Corbett, Speaker of the House Dan Fogleman, Adm. Assistant; Jeff Mitchell, Adm. Assistant; Susan Bruckshaw, Secretary

Office of the Speaker - 2000 -- Brent Siegrist, Speaker of the House Dan Fogleman, Adm. Assistant; Susan Severino, Adm. Assistant; Becky Lorenz, Secretary

Speaker Pro Tempore -1999 -- Christopher Rants

Speaker Pro Tempore - 2000 -- Steven Sukup

Office of the Majority Leader -1999 -- Brent Siegrist, Majority Leader Susan Severino, Adm. Assistant; Becky Lorenz, Secretary

Office of the Majority Leader - 2000 -- Christopher Rants, Majority Leader Jeff Mitchell, Adm. Assistant; Jackie Seymour, Adm. Assistant

Majority Whip - 1999 -- Chuck Gipp

Majority Whip - 2000 -- Libby Jacobs

Assistant Majority Leaders - 1999 -- Donna Barry, Gary Blodgett, Barry Brauns, Danny Carroll

Assistant Majority Leaders - 2000 -- Donna Barry, Gary Blodgett, Barry Brauns, Danny Carroll

Office of the Minority Leader - David Schrader, Minority Leader Mark Brandsgard, Adm. Assistant; Carolyn Gaukel, Secretary

Minority Whip - Richard Myers

Assistant Minority Leaders - John Connors, Pam Jochum, Steve Warnstadt, Keith Weigel

Office of the Clerk of the House - Elizabeth A. Isaacson, Chief Clerk Betty M. Soener, Confidential Secretary; Sue Jennings, Assistant Chief Clerk; Colleen Dillon, Supervisor of Secretaries; Alyce Elmitt, Recording Clerk; Kathy Farrell, Clerk to Chief Clerk

Majority Caucus Staff - Warren Fye, Director; Bruce Brandt, Senior Caucus Secretary; Lon Anderson, Research Analyst; Gentry Collins, Research Analyst; Justin Hupfer, Research Analyst; Stacie Maass, Research Analyst; Lew Olson, Research Analyst; Margaret Thomson, Senior Research Analyst; Craig Schoenfeld, Research Analyst; Pat Schultz, Research Analyst; Brad Trow, Research Analyst

Minority Caucus Staff - Paulee Lipsman, Director; Dave Epley, Caucus Secretary; Mary Braun, Research Analyst; Ed Conlow, Senior Research Analyst; Anna Hyatt-Crozier, Research Analyst; Jenifer Parsons, Research Analyst; Tom Patterson, Senior Research Analyst; Joe Romano, Research Analyst

Legal Counsel - Jane Fowler, Assistant Legal Counsel; Peg Kephart, Text Processor; Doreen Terrell, Assistant to Legal Counsel; Judy Graesch, Text Processor

Journal Editors - Gayle Goble, Journal Editor; Elaine Schoonover, Assistant Journal Editor; Trina Sterling, Assistant Journal Editor

Finance Officers - Debra Rex, Senior Fin. Officer; Kelly Wacht, Assist. Fin. Officer

Indexers - Juanita F. Swackhammer, Chief Indexer; Kristi Wentz, Indexer

Bill Clerks - Mildred Stewart, Marie A. Kirby

Switchboard Operators - Madeline James, Howard Cowles

Postmaster - William C. Walling

* Due to the resignation of Ron Corbett at the end of the 1999 session, changes occurred in the majority's leadership positions for the 2000 session. The election to fill the vacancy due to the resignation is November 2, 1999.


Administration and Regulation: Brunkhorst- Chair, Van Engelenhoven- Vice-Chair, Cataldo - Ranking Member, Chiodo, Homes, Klemme, O'Brien, Taylor, Tyrrell

Agriculture and Natural Resources: Greiner- Chair, Dolecheck- Vice-Chair,
Mertz - Ranking Member, Baudler, Eddie, Hahn, May, Parmenter, Thomas

Economic Development: Boggess - Chair, Raecker - Vice-Chair, Holveck - Ranking Member, Dotzler, Hoffman, Reynolds, Stevens, Sunderbruch, Teig

Education: Hansen - Chair, Boal - Vice Chair, Mascher - Ranking Member, Barry, Carroll, Dix, Frevert, Scherrman, Witt

Health and Human Rights: Nelson - Chair, Alons - Vice-Chair, Ford - Ranking Member, Brauns, Chapman, Fallon, Lord, Shoultz, Thomson, Weigel

Human Services: Heaton - Chair, Johnson - Vice-Chair, Osterhaus - Ranking Member, Arnold, Blodgett, Burnett, Foege, Houser, Jochum

Justice Systems: Garman - Chair, Davis - Vice-Chair, Bell - Ranking Member, Cormack, Jager, Larkin, Mundie, Richardson, Welter

Oversight and Communications: Jacobs - Chair, Kettering - Vice-Chair, Falck - Ranking Member, Bradley, Drees, Huser, Jenkins, Martin, Whitead

Transportation, Infrastructure and Capitals: Sukup - Chair, Rayhons - Vice-Chair, Cohoon - Ranking Member, Bukta, Horbach, Huseman, Kuhn, Warnstadt, Weidman


Administration and Rules: Carroll - Chair, Brauns - Vice Chair, Connors - Ranking Member, Barry, Blodgett, Corbett, Gipp, Huser, Jochum, Myers, Rants, Schrader, Siegrist, Warnstadt

Agriculture: Klemme - Chair, Horbach - Vice Chair, Drees - Ranking Member, Alons, Baudler, Boggess, Drake, Fallon, Frevert, Greiner, Huseman, Johnson, Kuhn, May, Mertz, Mundie, Parmenter, Rayhons, Scherrman, Teig, Welter

Appropriations: Millage - Chair, Dix - Vice Chair, Murphy - Ranking Member, Barry, Bell, Boggess, Brunkhorst, Cataldo, Cormack, Falck, Garman, Gipp, Greiner, Hansen, Heaton, Huser, Jacobs, Mascher, Mertz, Nelson, Parmenter, Sukup, Taylor, Warnstadt, Wise

Commerce and Regulation: Metcalf - Chair, Hoffman - Vice Chair, Chapman - Ranking Member, Bradley, Cataldo, Chiodo, Dix, Doderer, Drees, Hansen, Holmes, Holveck, Jacobs, Jenkins, Johnson, Osterhaus, Raecker, Rants, Van Fossen, Weigel, Wise

Economic Development: Teig - Chair, Jenkins- Vice Chair, Dotzler - Ranking Member, Boggess, Cohoon, Cormack, Dolecheck, Heaton, Hoffman, Horbach, Jochum, Martin, May, Metcalf, Nelson, O'Brien, Stevens, Thomas, Van Fossen, Weigel, Witt

Education: Grundberg - Chair, Thomson - Vice Chair, Wise - Ranking Member, Boal, Boddicker, Brunkhorst, Bukta, Carroll, Cohoon, Dolecheck, Eddie, Falck, Foege, Hansen, Kreiman, Lord, Mascher, Nelson, Rants, Stevens, Sunderbruch, Thomas, Warnstadt
Environmental Protection: Hahn - Chair, Bradley - Vice-Chair, Witt - Ranking Member, Alons, Boggess, Brunkhorst, Burnett, Cormack, Drake, Fallon, Foege, Gipp, Greiner, Holveck, Huseman, Kettering, Klemme, Mascher, Richardson, Shoultz, Stevens

Ethics: Cormack - Chair, Lord - Vice-Chair, Warnstadt - Ranking Member, Chapman, Martin, Weigel

Human Resources: Boddicker - Chair, Lord - Vice-Chair, Foege - Ranking Member, Barry, Blodgett, Boal, Brunkhorst, Bukta, Burnett, Carroll, Davis, Ford, Grundberg, Hahn, Kreiman, Martin, Mertz, Murphy, Reynolds, Thomson, Witt

Judiciary: Larson - Chair, Baudler - Vice-Chair, Kreiman- Ranking Member, Barry, Bell, Boddicker, Chapman, Davis, Doderer, Ford, Holveck, Jager, Kettering, Millage, Myers, Parmenter, Raecker, Shoultz, Sukup, Sunderbruch, Thomson

Labor and Industrial Relations: Tyrrell - Chair, Barry - Vice-Chair, Taylor - Ranking Member, Boddicker, Connors, Dolecheck, Dotzler, Falck, Ford, Grundberg, Hoffman, Horbach, Larson, Metcalf, Millage, Murphy, Parnmenter, Raecker, Scherrman, Sukup, Whitead

Local Government: Houser - Chair, Arnold - Vice-Chair, Fallon - Ranking Member, Alons, Brauns, Burnett, Carroll, Connors, Dix, Eddie, Hahn, Huser, Klemme, Kuhn, Mundie, Reynolds, Richardson, Van Englenehoven, Weidman, Welter, Whitead

Natural Resources: Huseman- Chair, Sunderbruch - Vice-Chair, O'Brien - Ranking Member, Alons, Baudler, Bell, Brauns, Dotzler, Drake, Frevert, Garman, Kettering, Klemme, May, Mundie, Myers, Rayhons, Richardson, Scherrman, Tyrrell, Weidman

State Government: Martin - Chair, Holmes- Vice-Chair, Larkin - Ranking Member, Arnold, Bradley, Brauns, Cataldo, Chiodo, Connors, Davis, Gipp, Houser, Jacobs, Jager, Jochum, Metcalf, O'Brien, Reynolds, Taylor, Van Engelenhoven, Whitead

Transportation: Welter - Chair, Jager - Vice-Chair, May - Ranking Member, Arnold, Blodgett, Brauns, Bukta, Chiodo, Cohoon, Drees, Eddie, Garman, Heaton, Huser, Johnson, Larkin, Rayhons, Thomas, Van Engelenhoven, Warnstadt, Weidman

Ways and Means: Van Fossen- Chair, Drake- Vice-Chair, Shoultz - Ranking Member, Blodgett, Boal, Chapman, Doderer, Frevert, Hoffman, Holmes, Houser, Jager, Jenkins, Jochum, Kuhn, Larkin, Larson, Lord, Myers, Osterhaus, Raecker, Rants, Richardson, Teig, Weigel