President of the Senate - Mary Kramer
Kaye Lozier, Adm. Assistant; Becky Beach, Adm. Assistant

President Pro Tempore - Don Redfern

Office of the Majority Leader - Stewart Iverson, Jr.
Tom Cope, Adm. Assistant; Sara Deeny, Adm. Assistant; Jeanine Iverson, Sec.

Office of the Minority Leader - Michael Gronstal
JoAnn Hanover, Adm. Assistant; Melissa Watson, Adm. Assistant

Assistant Majority Leaders - Merlin Bartz, Nancy Boettger, H. Kay Hedge, Gene Maddox, John Redwine

Assistant Minority Leaders - Dennis Black, Robert Dvorsky, Gene Fraise, Steve Hansen, Elaine Szymoniak

Secretary of the Senate - Michael Marshall
Lori Bristol, Confidential Secretary; LuAnn Randleman, Adm. Secretary

Majority Caucus Staff - Christopher Hull, Caucus Staff Director; Anissa Cowley, Caucus Secretary; James Boose, Sr. Research Analyst; Carolann Jensen, Sr. Research Analyst; Pamela Dugdale, Research Analyst; Angela Dorsey, Research Analyst; Jim Friedrich, Research Analyst; Michael Savala, Research Analyst; Michael St. Clair, Research Analyst; Petricia Ward, Research Analyst

Minority Caucus Staff - Debbie O'Leary, Sr. Caucus Staff Director; James Fitzgerald, Research Analyst; Theresa Kehoe, Sr. Research Analyst; Steve Conway, Sr. Research Analyst; Jeff Lake, Research Analyst; Rusty Martin, Research Analyst; Julie Simon, Research Analyst; Kerry Wright, Research Analyst

Legal Counsel - Cynde Clingan, Assistant Secretary of the Senate; Stephanie Cox, Assistant to the Legal Counsel

Journal Room - Julie Elder, Journal Editor II; K'ann Brandt, Journal Editor II; Megan Thompson, Assistant Journal Editor

Finance Officers - Linda Laurenzo, Senior Finance Officer; Lois Brownell, Finance Officer

Indexers - Kathy Olah, Indexer I; Kathleen Curoe, Indexer I

Bill Clerk - Jay Mosher

Switchboard Operators - Kimberly Russell, Jacki Souer

Postmaster - Eleanor Hesseling


Administration and Regulation: Redwine - Chair, Bartz - Vice-Chair, McCoy - Ranking Member, Flynn, Sexton

Agriculture and Natural Resources: Behn - Chair, Hedge - Vice-Chair, Black - Ranking Member, Fink, Gaskill

Economic Development: Schuerer - Chair, Boettger - Vice-Chair, Soukup - Ranking Member, Judge, Lamberti

Education: Rehberg - Chair, Redfern - Vice-Chair, Horn - Ranking Member, Kibbie, McLaren

Health and Human Rights: Rife - Chair, Zieman - Vice-Chair, Bolkcom - Ranking Member, Dearden, McKibben

Human Services: Tinsman - Chair, Veenstra - Vice-Chair, Hammond - Ranking Member, Miller, Szymoniak

Justice System: Maddox - Chair, Angelo - Vice-Chair, Dvorsky - Ranking Member, Fraise, McKean

Oversight and Communications: King - Chair, Lundby - Vice-Chair, Deluhery - Ranking Member, Harper, Rittmer

Transportation, Infrastructure and Capitals: Freeman - Chair, Jensen - Vice-Chair, Connolly - Ranking Member, Johnson, Shearer


Agriculture: Gaskill - Chair, Miller - Vice-Chair, Fraise - Ranking Member, Angelo, Bartz, Behn, Black, Hedge, Judge, Kibbie, Sexton, Shearer, Soukup, Veenstra, Zieman

Appropriations: McLaren - Chair, Kramer- Vice-Chair, Flynn - Ranking Member, Behn, Black, Bolkcom, Connolly, Deluhery, Dvorsky, Freeman, Hammond, Hedge, Horn, Jensen, Johnson, King, Lamberti, Maddox, McCoy, Redwine, Rehberg, Rife, Schuerer, Soukup, Tinsman

Business and Labor Relations: McKibben - Chair, Freeman - Vice-Chair, Dearden - Ranking Member, Behn, Fraise, Hansen, Hedge, Horn, King, Rife, Schuerer

Commerce: Jensen - Chair, Maddox - Vice-Chair, Deluhery - Ranking Member, Bolkcom, Flynn, Gronstal, Hansen, Johnson, King, Lamberti, Lundby, McCoy, Redfern, Redwine, Schuerer

Education: Redfern - Chair, Rehberg - Vice-Chair, Connolly - Ranking Member, Angelo, Boettger, Dvorsky, Fink, Gaskill, Harper, Redwine, Sexton, Shearer, Szymoniak, Tinsman, Veenstra

Ethics: Hedge - Chair, Drake - Vice Chair, Szymoniak - Ranking Member, Connolly, Hammond, McKean

Human Resources: Boettger - Chair, Redwine - Vice Chair, Szymoniak - Ranking Member, Bartz, Behn, Dvorsky, Hammond, Harper, Miller, Schuerer, Shearer, Tinsman, Veenstra

Judiciary: McKean - Chair, Lamberti - Vice-Chair, Hansen - Ranking Member, Angelo, Boettger, Dvorksy, Fraise, Hammond, Horn, Maddox, McCoy, McKibben, Miller, Redfern, Tinsman

Local Government: Angelo - Chair, Bartz - Vice-Chair, Bolkcom - Ranking Member, Fraise, Gaskill, Hammond, Judge, McCoy, McKean, McKibben, Miller, Rife, Zieman

Natural Resources and Environment: Bartz - Chair, King - Vice-Chair, Fink - Ranking Member, Black, Bolkcom, Dearden, Deluhery, Drake, Freeman, Gaskill, Johnson, Kibbie, Miller, Rehberg, Rife
Rules and Administration: Iverson - Chair, Kramer - Vice-Chair, Gronstal - Ranking Member, Dvorsky, Fink, Harper, Jensen, Lundby, Redfern, Rehberg, Rittmer

Small Business, Economic Development, and Tourism: Lundby - Chair, Behn - Vice-Chair, Shearer - Ranking Member, Boettger, Flynn, Hansen, Judge, Rittmer, Sexton, Soukup, Tinsman, Veenstra, Zieman

State Government: Rittmer - Chair, Lamberti - Vice-Chair, Kibbie - Ranking Member, Connolly, Dearden, Deluhery, Drake, Fink, King, Lundby, Maddox, McLaren, Schuerer, Sexton, Szymoniak

Transportation: Drake - Chair, Sexton - Vice-Chair, McCoy - Ranking Member, Fink, Fraise, Freeman, Jensen, Judge, Kibbie, McKean, McKibben, Rittmer, Zieman

Ways and Means: Johnson - Chair, McKibben - Vice-Chair, Harper - Ranking Member, Bartz, Bolkcom, Connolly, Deluhery, Drake, Flynn, Hedge, Lamberti, Maddox, McLaren, Redwine, Soukup