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2011 Iowa Transportation Map
City Detail Maps
Cedar Rapids
Council Bluffs
Des Moines
Fort Dodge
Iowa City
Mason City
Quad Cities
Sioux City
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This online Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) version of the 2011 Iowa Transportation Map was developed using the same electronic files that were used to create the widely distributed paper version of the map. The files have been translated to allow access for the viewing customers while still maintaining the detail necessary to display the map content. This 3.65MB file may still take time to download so please be patient. We believe the end result is well worth the wait. The city detail maps are much smaller and will download more quickly. The text in the electronic PDF version of the 2011 Transportation Map has been embedded allowing users to search for text strings such as city names. Embedding the text also slightly alters the font size and style while significantly reducing the overall file size from 12.8MB to 3.65MB. Users of both the online version and the printed paper version will notice a slight difference between the fonts on the two maps.

When viewing the files through a browser, the PDF utility requires the installation of a free plugin viewer. The Acrobat Reader plugin is available at Adobe's site, Please follow the directions at their site when installing the PDF plugin.

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